steinmann architekten
Peter Steinmann
Architect FH RegA SIA

Luzernerstrasse 73
6030 Ebikon

T     +41 41 370 32 06
M    +41 76 398 06 48

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Steinmann Architekten: personally liable


Committed support of clients and intensive discussion of their requirements lead to individual solutions – and to something calculable in commercial terms. The cost summary is always up to date.

Steinmann Architekten puts great value on individuality in all areas. Here we can rely on long experience. And on a tried and tested network of qualified specialists that we coordinate: Specialist planners for electrics, sanitary, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and cooling as well as the central management of all technical building services. 

Steinmann Architekten was founded in 2010. The owner, Peter Steinmann, Graduate Architect FH RegA SIA, has worked as an architect for over 20 years. 


Andrea Schranz
Architect MSc ETH

Anna Müller
Draughtswoman EFZ

Yves Reinacher
Draughtsman EFZ 1st year of training



Peter Steinmann, Graduate Architect FH RegA SIA

Peter Steinmann, Graduate Architect FH RegA SIA