Sempachstrasse, Hochdorf

Because of the great variety of structures in the surrounding district, an individual form of architecture was deliberately chosen. The geometry of the building volumes is of an irregular prismatic form. Gable roofs are proposed for the form of the roofs. This is to be understood as based on the existing property and also as a reference to the rural location of the construction site. In its footprint, the form is intuitively designed and should be read as a total composition. The two different volumes “communicate” with each other and form an exciting individual ensemble. Attractive meeting zones and open areas are created in the flat terraced outside space which is divided in a differentiated manner.

Type of project
Construction of two new apartment blocks in Hochdorf
Type of brief
Direct brief
PP Baumanagement AG, Kriens
Pre-project, construction project, implementation planning
Pre-project/construction project 2015
implementation 2016– 2017
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