The plot is situated on the southern slope of the Bürgenberg, just above the heart of the village of Ennetbürgen. The existing farmhouse is retained and forms an integrating element of the new development. An orchard with fruit trees, some of which are up to 100 years old, surrounds the property.

The focus of the structural design for the new builds is the precise setting of the volumes on the steep slope. On the base-level floor, the individual buildings slightly overhang the contour of the land on the valley side. In this way, the careful integration of the houses into the plot is used to highlight the focus of the design. Unnecessary banking up and excavations can be dispensed with.

Type of project
New construction of dwellings (condominium)
Type of brief
Direct brief
Ober Halten Immobilien AG, Lucerne
Pre-project/design plan
Design plan 2013
Dové Landschaftsarchitekten, Lucerne
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