Riedweg, Meggen

The two-storey flat, sweeping new structure is sensitively integrated into the developed district. The choice of materials and the design concept are based on the surrounding chalet buildings that have all been designed with a solid plinth and timber superstructure. Deep recesses in the façades and striking roof structures provide additional lighting for the accommodation. Spacious protected outside spaces are created under the overhangs, some of which are impressive. The range of materials and colours is in the main restricted to exposed concrete, black-stained timber panelling outside and oak inside. Only the shady awnings executed in dark red provide a colour accent.

Type of project
Construction of a new house
Type of brief
Direct brief
Project, construction project, implementation planning, construction management
Completion 2014
Construction project 2013
implementation planning, implementation 2014
Garden design
enea landscape design
© Bruno Helbling
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