An idyllic plot of land with trees provides the setting for an exclusive residential house. The parcel borders the agricultural zone on the mountain side and offers open panoramic and lake views from the southeast to the southwest. 

The three-story volume is staggered in height on the south side, creating attractive open spaces. A small atrium divides the large volume into two parts and at the same time ensures daylight penetration deep into the building interior. Largely closed to the street, the facade opens to the south and west. Light-colored, high-quality brick construction forms the building envelope, which appears closed as well as in the form of an irregular grid of columns.

The surrounding design is closely connected to the building. The integration of the two elements forms a focal point. Carefully chosen plantings define privacy and usable open spaces.


Type of project
Single family house
Type of brief
Direct brief
Partial services, interior design
Garden Design
enea landscape architecture gmbh
2021 - 2023
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