A new replacement building will be built in place of the existing vacation lodge. The framework is an intact, extremely valuable pre-Alpine landscape area on the Rigi. The terrain and the existing flora are to be used as potential and largely preserved. The intention is not to create a house in a park, but rather a park with a house.

The generous space program, which meets sophisticated needs, is organized in three differently dimensioned structures. The irregular, interlocking structure thus appears very plastic. The impressive building appears well proportioned and fits perfectly into the topography. An arcade layer with a regular column grid, which is located in front of the living rooms, forms an open structure that extends along the entire length of the building and emphasizes the expression of the typology of an orangery. 
The surface materials are handmade clinker bricks, as well as solid wood. 

The building does not appear dominant in the park, but due to the sensitive garden design it seems to be integrated into the surroundings. The harmonious overall effect of the complex takes into account the sensitive landscape and, with the new conception, enables the establishment of a long-term added value for the building owner and visitors.

Type of project
Villa in park landscape
Type of brief
Direct brief
Partial services, interior design
Garden Design
enea landscape architecture gmbh
2021 - 2023
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