The fantastic property is located on the southern slope of the Mount Rigi above Weggis and offers a magnificent view of the Lake Lucerne landscape. The existing vacation home from the 70s is to be used as a new main residence. A new room program and the adaptation to today's standards form the basis of the project.

The effort for the renovation and the spatial adjustments seemed disproportionate to us and the suggestion of a replacement building was obvious to us. The location on the same site as the original house allows the reuse of existing foundations and avoids major terrain intervention.

The L-shaped floor plan is open to the view and with its back to the slope and neighbors. The house is tightly organized and very reduced in design. 
A seamless exposed concrete facade forms the rough shell and generates the connection to the "Nagelflue" of the Rigi.

The surrounding design is largely left as it is. The interventions and corrections are reduced to the immediate areas around the house. An optimal integration into the topography is therefore guaranteed.

Type of project
Single family house
Type of biref
Direct brief

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