The design envisages two buildings. This allows the existing outdoor pool to be retained and profitably incorporated into the project. Both the three-storey buildings that, following the angle of the slope, have their floors set at different heights, are clearly orientated in the direction of the lake basin and are turned away from the nearby neighbouring building. This guarantees the most unobstructed view and most sunlight possible. Thanks to the deliberate irregularity of the volumes, the construction evidently blends with the slope.

The terraced buildings with their floors set at different heights are characterised by the distinctive dimensions of the slabs between the floors. Profiled aluminium panels in matt black and wooden and metal window frames, also in matt black, are used for the shell of the buildings. Fabric shading elements have a warm, natural colour. Dark-treated timber ceiling soffits lend the houses elegance and exclusivity.

Type of project
New construction of two terraced houses (condominium properties)
Type of brief
1st rank study brief
Immopromotion&Invest AG, Buochs
Project, construction project, implementation planning, design management
Garden design
enea landscape design
Study brief, Nov/Dec 2011
construction project May 2012
implementation 2017 - 2018
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