Kreditfabrik AG

Kreditfabrik AG is a young company which offers to deal with mortgage applications that are processed on behalf of financial institutions. For this new service, an old warehouse belonging to the firm of Feller in Horgen was converted to the new site.

The basic idea of the design is intended to be strongly orientated to the firm’s corporate identity. The digitisation of the analogue data into an entirely virtual process. The old fabric of the warehouse, which was carefully gutted, offers the optimum atmosphere for this. Fittings and new surfaces were designed with materials left untreated so as to leave the warehouse’s industrial character on display. All the technical installations are exposed and permit rapid adaptation to every change of the free floating furniture.

Type of project
Type of brief
Direct brief
Kreditfabrik AG, Horgen
Project, implementation planning
Construction management
Righetti Partner Group, Zurich
Completed 2017
Planning/implementation 2017
© Bruno Helbling, Zurich
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